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Senate Leaders Try to Appease Members as Support for Health Bill Slips
With criticism mounting over their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, top Republicans are cutting deals and cajoling members to get to 50 votes.
Bloomberg’s Next Anti-Washington Move: $200 Million Program for Mayors
Michael R. Bloomberg will announce an initiative to give funds to large cities as an extension of his advocacy for largely liberal policies.

Portland News

The funniest reactions to the World Naked Bike Ride
Here are some of the best reactions to the annual ride, from stoked participants and disgruntled onlookers. Anna Marum | The Oregonian/OregonLive

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Analysis indicates partisan gerrymandering has benefited GOP
The 2016 presidential contest was awash with charges that the fix was in: Republican Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged against him, while Democrats have accused the Russians of stacking the odds in Trump's favor....
Air bag maker Takata bankruptcy filing expected in Japan, US
DETROIT (AP) -- Drowning in a sea of lawsuits and recall costs, Japanese air bag maker Takata Corp. is expected to seek bankruptcy protection in Tokyo and the United States early Monday....
Istanbul Pride march to go on despite governor's ban
ISTANBUL (AP) -- Activists for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights said they will march for LGBT pride in Istanbul on Sunday, despite a ban by the governor....

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Partisan Gerrymandering Has Benefited the GOP, Analysis Shows
Author: Associated Press
An Associated Press analysis found four times as many states with Republican-skewed state House or Assembly districts than Democratic ones, indicating that gerrymandering has benefited the GOP.
Never Mind Coal — Store Jobs Could Be Next Big Issue
Author: Dante Chinni and Sally Bronston
Much has been made of the struggles of the coal and manufacturing industries, but the collapse in retail jobs is on the cusp of becoming a political issue.

The Stump

Why the rush on America's health care?: Letters to the editor
Whether a Republican, Democrat or Independent, it should concern all voters that senators are drafting a health-care bill without any hearings. Letters to the editor
Anti-immigrant ballot measures have no place in Oregon (Guest opinion)
A potential ballot measure, Initiative Petition 22, is one example of the frightening national anti-immigrant agenda gaining ground in Oregon. Guest Columnist