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The fall of the Republican Party

March 25, 2066 - Mexico City, United States of America
Today we celebrate American Finch day in honor of a small bird who changed the course of American history.

Ballot Thoughts, November 2014 Version

Guess it's time to give some of my thoughts on the November 2014 ballot.

Since I now live in House District 43, my obvious decision is to re-elect the fantastic State Representative Lew Frederick.

Jeff Merkley has definitely earned a strong vote for re-election and is quickly rising on the national scene as an effective progressive Senator. I am extremely glad to have him representing Oregon in the US Senate.

May 2014 Primary Election

Have you voted yet?

If not, I'll share with you some of my thoughts on the various candidates and measures on the ballot in the Portland area.

US Senate: I don't care who the Republicans nominate, Jeff Merkley has more than earned a strong re-election!

Governor: Again, I don't care who the Republicans nominate, none of their candidates can match John Kitzhaber for his commitment and service to Oregon.

Time to Restore not Destroy

In the year 2000 the Portland Harbor was designated as a Superfund Site by the US EPA.  Since then extensive studies have been completed to determine the extent and nature of pollution in this section of the river, to determine the ecological and human health risks from this pollution, and to determine how it can best be cleaned up to protect future ecological and human health.  I serve as Chair of the Portland Harbor Community

May 21 Ballot Recommendations

My thoughts on the May 21 Ballot:

Multnomah Education Service District

  • Director, Position 2, At Large: Nels Johnson

Portland Community College

  • Director, Zone 2: Kali Thorne Ladd

Portland School District #1JT

  • Director, Zone 4: Martin Gonzalez
  • Director, Zone 5: Pam Knowles
  • Director, Zone 6: Tom Koehler

City of Portland

  • Measure 26-150: Yes
  • Measure 26-151: No
  • Metro

    • Measure 26-152: Yes