Beware of Fake PACs!

I came across an organization purporting to be raising money to help a particular candidate, but which I find highly suspect.
I will give you the information, and let you decide.
The organization is called "Voters for Hillary" and has a website. The website is very easy to find, but I will not include the address here as I do not want to inadvertently increase it's ranking in search engines by linking to it. The website contains some basic information about Hillary Clinton, with updates from news reports, twitter updates, and an empty blog feed.
Voters for Hillary was created by a SuperPAC called "Foundation for a Greater America".
Foundation for a Greater America, Inc filed with the FEC in January of 2014, with James Hodgins as Treasurer and Anastasia Ault as Secretary. Both of whom are also connected to Cross Click Media Inc., which is also the vendor paid from the PAC for communications services. Addresses are in Tustin, California.
The initial contributions to the PAC came from "Finiks Capital, LLC" with an address in Darien, CT. The address is a residence, and the state of Connecticut has no filing for "Finiks Capital", however there was a "Finiks Capital, LLC" filed in Newport Beach, California, with a registered agent of Arash Shirdel, and status of FTB Suspended. Arash Shirdel is currently facing a $40 million lawsuit.
The second big contributor is Ms. Kyleen Cane of Henderson, Nevada. She was recently among a group of seven "charged with allegedly running a 'pump and dump' scheme that artificially inflated shares of small-cap companies and cost innocent investors at least $50m."

The biggest expenditures have been to John Cowan Law and, Inc (owned by John Cowan). of San Francisco, California. Interestingly enough, a quick search found a website setup by former clients of his about a lawsuit against him for "Legal Malpractice, dishonest and unethical conduct".

Another connected individual who provided services to the PAC is Milton C. Ault III, former Chairman and CEO of Corestream Energy Inc. In 2012 he agreed to pay a fine and restitution to investors following an investigation by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

I find it very interesting that the Foundation for a Greater America lists as one of it's three points "We Believe that the Government should stay out of Business". Given that so many individuals connected to this foundation either have been or are being charged, fined and sued, it's no wonder they want government out of their business.

I find this organization to be EXTREMELY suspect, and I encourage anyone who supports Hillary Clinton to not get trapped by this scheme. The site itself appears to be designed as a money maker, and the structure appears to be designed to make money for those who set it up, not to raise funds to help Hillary Clinton's campaign. As far as I can determine from individuals involved with Hillary's previous campaigns, this outfit is not recognized.