Time to Restore not Destroy

In the year 2000 the Portland Harbor was designated as a Superfund Site by the US EPA.  Since then extensive studies have been completed to determine the extent and nature of pollution in this section of the river, to determine the ecological and human health risks from this pollution, and to determine how it can best be cleaned up to protect future ecological and human health.  I serve as Chair of the Portland Harbor Community

Why workers need unions

The Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh should demonstrate the importance of having a union that would allow the workers to demand safe working conditions, as well as better wages. The entire community would benefit if the nation of Bangladesh had unions demanding better wages, resulting in better financing available for public services as well. Read through these articles:

Who creates jobs?

The arrogant 1% attempt to claim the title of "job creators", but who really creates jobs? It's very simple.

Jobs are created when someone wants to produce a product or service to meet a demand that is unmet in the market. Demand exists when individuals have the ability to purchase goods and services. Let's take a tiny example. Suppose you have 10 people on an island. Take a look at two variant theories about how the ten are employed.