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Planned Parenthood Plans $10 Million Boost for Democrats in North Carolina
Author: Maya King
The party is banking on abortion access as an issue to animate the state’s competitive race for governor and, they hope, galvanize voters for President Biden.
Biden to Give Abortion-Focused Speech in Florida, Tying State Ban to Trump
Author: Nicholas Nehamas and Patricia Mazzei
The Biden campaign has made abortion one of its top issues, as polling shows it is one of the few subjects in which voters place more trust in President Biden than Donald Trump.

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Make the Case: WR Ladd McConkey

Clifton Brown

As the Ravens head into the 2024 NFL Draft, we're taking a more detailed look at the top players projected to Baltimore with pick No. 30.

Today, we'll focus on Georgia wide receiver Ladd McConkey.

Why He Makes Sense

McConkey has been linked to the Ravens in mock drafts due to his skillset and his connection to Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken from their days toge

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In WA and beyond, a child care crisis is holding parents back
Author: Daniel Beekman, Moriah Balingit and Sharon Lurye

In Washington and across the U.S., child care programs can be prohibitively expensive, openings can be hard to find, and government assistance is limited.

The Chronicle - Centralia

The Chronicle - April 23, 2024


Labor Organizer Jane McAlevey on UAW's Astounding Victory in VW Tennessee & Her Fight Against Cancer
Author: (Democracy Now!)

Democracy Now! speaks with the great labor organizer and writer Jane McAlevey about the historic victory for Volkswagen employees at a Chattanooga, Tennessee, factory who voted overwhelmingly to join the United Auto Workers union. The plant will become the first foreign-owned car factory in the South to unionize. “This win wasn’t just a win — it was what we would call a beatdown,” says McAlevey, who says the UAW’s recent success is a result of direct democracy and smart, strategic organizing that could lead to the unionizing of Mercedes workers in Alabama. “It’ll be a massive change in the U.S. South.” We also speak with McAlevey about her terminal cancer diagnosis and why she’s “going to fight until the last dying minute, because that’s what American workers deserve.”

Juan González Reflects on Historic 1968 Columbia Protests & Crackdown on Gaza Solidarity Encampment
Author: (Democracy Now!)

Fifty-six years ago today, hundreds of students at Columbia University in New York started a revolt on campus, occupying school buildings and disrupting class to protest the school’s ties to the Vietnam War and racism in New York. Democracy Now! co-host Juan González, who participated in the 1968 protests when hundreds of students were injured by police and arrested, speaks about the rebellion and how it compares to Columbia’s crackdown on pro-Palestinian protesters occupying campus today. “What really strikes me about this response is the total flouting of any kind of democratic process by the current administration compared to what happened in 1968,” says González. “These students are protesting a genocide that is occurring before the eyes of the entire world and that is being funded by U.S. arms. And if anyone has the right to rebel and to stand up against injustice, these students do.”

Pro-Palestinian Campus Encampments Spread Nationwide Amid Mass Arrests at Columbia, NYU & Yale
Author: (Democracy Now!)

Palestinian solidarity protests and encampments are appearing on college campuses from Massachusetts to California to protest Israel’s attacks on Gaza and to call for divestment from Israeli apartheid. This week, police have raided encampments and arrested students at Yale and New York University. Palestinian American scholar and New York University professor Helga Tawil-Souri describes forming a faculty buffer to protect students, negotiating with police, and the ensuing crackdown that led to over 100 arrests Monday night. Uptown in New York City, the encampment at Columbia University is entering its seventh day despite mass arrests of protesters last week. “In my opinion, the NYPD were called in under false pretenses by the president of the university,” says Joseph Slaughter, professor at Columbia University. “The university is being run as a sort of ad-hocracy at this point, the senior administration making up policies and procedures and prohibitions on the fly, changing them in the middle of the night.”

Headlines for April 23, 2024
Author: (Democracy Now!)

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Safety first? Boeing picks contract fight with its fire fighters
Author: David Groves

SEATTLE (April 23, 2024) — At a time when The Boeing Co. is facing an international crisis of confidence and calls from governments, airline customers, and the general public to restore its focus on safety, the company has decided to pick a contract fight with the people who keep Boeing itself safe. The more than […]

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